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2020-07-28 17:34

The temperature is usually controlled at about 50°C. Ladies often choose wet steaming, because after steaming, the skin will be more than before the red, water, but breathing will be suffocating and other discomforts. Wet steaming is also to make the body sweat, so wet steaming before and during the process of wet steaming also need to add more water. Sauna room classification editor according to the different heating principles are divided into: dry sauna, wet sauna; according to the different bathing culture is divided into: Finnish bath, Turkish bath, Korean steam, etc.; according to the different heating materials are subdivided into: dry steam class: far-infrared light-wave room, bio-frequency spectrum energy house and steam room three categories. Wet steam category: Finnish sauna (sauna stone), Turkish sauna (steam) two categories of sauna room configuration editor 1, room body (wall panels and ceiling according to the size of the number of panels) 2, sauna furnace (according to the volume of the room body to calculate the power) 3, thermostat (internal control furnace does not need) 4, wooden chairs (high reclining board, low reclining board, wooden pillows) 5, the floor 6, insulation cotton 7, sauna door 8, explosion-proof lights 9, furnace enclosure 10, wooden barrels, wooden spoon 11, thermometer 12. Wooden spoon 11, thermometer 12, hourglass 13, sauna stone 14, air outlet sauna room knowledge editor what is sauna SAUNA?Generally speaking, sauna is in a specially designed cabin, by the specially designed furnace, heating volcanic stone to produce high temperatures, the temperature and humidity inside the house can be adjusted according to the user's feelings and needs of their own. Sauna - what does the word mean? Sauna is the translation of the Finnish word SAUNA, also known as "Finnish bath" because of its Finnish origin. Sauna has been a part of Finnish traditional life for more than 2,000 years. What color light is used for sauna to remove moisture? Home sauna quality