Sauna installation requirements

2020-07-28 17:36

The installation of a sauna for two people requires a bathroom of about 10 square meters. The height of the room can not be less than 20 square meters, if you buy a far-infrared sauna, then you do not have to do these considerations, because it does not require complex fixed installation, can move freely, can be placed in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and so on any place, very convenient. Sauna room two, look at the material can do sauna room plate there are many, in general, cedar, red cedar material is better, but the corresponding price is also more expensive. Selection of materials, to see whether the wood is not easy to deformation, durable anticorrosion properties, in accordance with their own economic conditions to choose the specific material. Sauna room three, look at the voltage and power due to brand and model differences, sauna room current and power also varies, in general, the market ordinary sauna room power more than 4500 watts level, far-infrared sauna room power more than 2000 watts or so. Sauna room voltage is mostly 220V, such as the need for 380V voltage sauna, it is necessary to modify the home meter, so consumers should be based on their own actual situation to buy. Sauna room four, look at the brand sauna room is generally more expensive, the use of a long time, but different manufacturers produce sauna room its quality there are many differences. Therefore, consumers should be carefully selected when buying. *It is good to choose a brand with a good reputation, so that there is quality assurance. Sauna room five, look at the after-sales sauna room belongs to the long-term use of the product, its after-sales service is very important. Perfect after-sales service will not only make you feel at ease, but also let you worry about nothing. Therefore, when buying, you should see whether the manufacturer has three packages.