Single outdoor sauna power

2020-07-28 17:36

The sauna room must have strict control over the indoor temperature, humidity and bathing time, including the number of hot and cold exchanges. The first time into the bath, high-temperature steam room can only stay 5 minutes, and then gradually extend the stay in the high humidity steam room. Because the sauna has a certain effect on the human body, the following cases should not take a sauna bath: sauna room, patients with a history of heart disease. Because the sauna bath caused a large range of fluctuations in blood pressure, increasing the heart load, heart attack, accidents and even life-threatening. Sauna, after meals, especially half an hour after a full meal. Immediately after meals, sauna bath, skin blood vessel expansion, blood flow back to the skin in large quantities, affecting the digestive blood supply, is bound to affect the digestion and absorption of food, is not good for health. The efficacy and side effects of sauna. Single outdoor sauna power